Triple Trouble Trio

Discover the unique combination of gypsy swing, pop and jazz


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The trio is formed by Tim de Haan (guitar), Gertwim Giesbert (guitar) and Stefan Schlenke (bass). Musical interplay, originality, virtuosity and versatility is what makes this ensemble unique within the current music culture. The relaxed and at times humorous presentation appears to be very successful to a wide audience.

The trio was founded in 2007 by Tim de Haan, Stefan Schlenke and Sebastian Funke during their studies at the Artez conservatorium in Enschede. They took on the challenge of distinguishing themselves from others and their quest led them to the gypsy swing style. This swing style is played with percussive acoustic guitar accompaniment and virtuoso acoustic guitar solos. The ensemble started as a study project, but after a number of successful concerts the three musicians decided to dedicate themselves exclusively to gypsy swing and to continue working as a trio. In 2010 Sebastian Funke left the trio and guitarist David Nagy took his place. David played for 3 years in the trio and left the trio after the summer of 2013. Shortly after guitarist Gertwim Giesbert joined the trio.

The repertoire of the Triple Trouble Trio is diverse and swinging. Next to well-known compositions by, for instance, Django Reinhardt and the Rosenberg Trio, the trio is also playing their own compositions. In these compositions you can hear that the trio extends the limits of the gypsy swing to another level. You can hear influences of South American music, blues and also Spanish music is effortlessly arranged into their own style. Because the trio even arranges pop music to their style, a concert of the Triple Trouble Trio guarantees to be a swinging experience in which the audience will hear a wide spectrum of styles.

The trio has a wide range of concert experience. Not only did they play on various small and large regular venues but they also played at very special locations (including The Noorderzon Festival in Groningen (Ned), a train concert for Project’11, a concert in a German prison and room-music festivals).

In January 2012 the trio released their first studio album called “Gypsy Dreams”. This album was very well received in the Netherlands, Germany and abroad. The release was followed by a series of concerts which were dedicated to the promotion of this CD. They released their second album called ‘Swing Syndicate’ during the season 2015.

Thanks to their diverse repertoire, a concert of the Triple Trouble Trio guarantees to be a swinging experience in which the audience will hear a wide spectrum of styles

Our albums

You can find the albums on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other online platforms.

Our second album “Swing Syndicate” was released on 21.08.2015.

01. Swing Syndicate
02. Tuban Kediri
03. Bossa d’Automme
04. St. James Infirmary
05. Lueur de Chandelles
06. El Bolero Liado
07. Fantasy Princess
08. The Journey Home
09. The Eagles Flight
10. La Niña Y El Mar
11. Full Moon
12. Chicago at Midnight
13. La Waltz
14. You Are Always On My Mind
15. Small Town Drama Queen (feat. Nyanda van Dijk)
16. Les Yeux Noirs

Our first album “Gypsy Dreams” was released on 04.01.2012.

01. Holterhoek Mental Swing
02. Zsir
03. Dance Of The Gypsy Girl
04. The Swinging Dutchmen
05. Last Resort
06. A Csitari Hegyek Alatt
07. Made for Jelita
08. A Gypsy Dream
09. Let There Be Funk
10. Dark Eyes
11. Korobushka


About us

Gertwim Giesbert
Gertwim Giesbert
Gertwim Giesbert (1962) began piano lessons at a young age. But from his 15th birthday, a guitar costing 60 guilders marked the beginning of many hours of music-making. The guitar was and still is his great passion! He completed his guitar studies at the Artez Conservatorium in Zwolle in 1993, specializing in light music, and had already gained extensive stage experience with two big bands and a powerful blues band.

From 1993 to 2020 he taught at various music schools and in the meantime has performed on stage around 3200 times with commercial bands (Roofgarden, DaVinci, Tikmaaraf). He also joined the Triple Trouble Trio as a musical challenge. With a big smile and sore fingers from the demanding work on the gypsy guitar, he played rhythm and solo guitar within the trio. As all three musicians, arranging pop and rock songs in the gypsy style is also one of his tasks.

Stefan Schlenke
Stefan Schlenke
Stefan Schlenke (1983) discovered his passion for music at an early age. After playing the recorder, he learned to play the tuba at the age of nine and then the electric bass at the age of twelve. Stefan has a broad musical background, although his stylistic preferences are rooted in rock and jazz. In 2009, he graduated from the Popacademie of the Artez Conservatorium in Enschede, majoring in bass guitar. Since then, Stefan has been firmly rooted in the local music scene as a professional bass player.
In addition to making music in various formations and as a substitute, Stefan also works as a producer, instrumental teacher and music teacher (secondary school).
As one of the founding members, Stefan provides as bass player the low notes in the Triple Trouble Trio.
Tim de Haan
Tim de Haan
Tim de Haan, born on May 10, 1987, completed his guitar studies at the Popacademie of the Artez Conservatorium in Enschede in 2009, followed by a second degree in MediaMusic, which he completed in 2012, also at the Artez Conservatorium. During his studies he developed into a professional guitarist and producer.

Tim started his musical journey as a classical guitarist. At the age of fourteen, he switched to electric guitar and delved into genres such as rock, blues and funk.

Alongside his work as a guitarist, Tim is active in his project SamudraVisions, producing ambient music for underwater and nature recordings.

He takes on various roles within the Triple Trouble Trio: He performs as a solo and rhythm guitarist, composes pieces for the trio and is responsible for the music productions.