News 22.02.2018: Time for a swinging party again! On Sunday, April 22, we will perform a concert in cafe Daglicht in Holten. Our guitarist Tim is not an unknown name in this town, he has been teaching guitar lessons at the MOC Music School for many years. That’s why we are really exited to play in this town! The concert starts at 19.30, the stage is accessible from 19.00. We will play two sets with a short break between the sets. The entrance fee for this swinging party is 7.50 p.p. We hope to see you there! 20.01.2018: Our album Swing Syndicate is now available on Spotify! Swing Syndicate was released in 2015 and contains 16 gypsy-swing songs that all have been written and arranged by us. For this album we took the opportunity to work with some special guest- musicians: David Nagy (former guitarist of our trio), Remco de Haan (classical guitar), Miriam Kopper (viola) and Nyanda van Dijk (vocals).   You can still order a hard copy of Swing Syndicate for € 15,- (including shipping costs) via A bundle together with our first album Gypsy Dreams costs only €20,-. WlS_67F-bEShq0Ag 11.12.2015: Swing Syndicate at the Bassquarterly For those who missed it: In edition 6/2015 the German Bassquarterly magazine published a review about our album Swing Syndicate. We would like to give a big thanks to Markus Fritsch for the great words. We are very happy that our album get such a positive response! Via you can take a look at the article. You’ll find the review on the 112th page.